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Got To Get You Into My Life... and out of my closet!

Nov11, 2013 Music,Video

IDEAL ORKESTRA raided its closets and teamed up with director Yevgeniy K’banchik to shoot this glamorous new Beatles medley music video at Ideal Glass!

It’s well worth all the dry cleaning bills! Check me out as the Mariachi I am in my soul!

Ideal Orkestra: Girshel Javakhishvili, Ruco Nishino, John Sully & Willard Morgan

Direction: Yevgeniy K’banchik
Costumes: Uta Bekaia
Stylist: Elexa Cangelosi
Producer: Ayakamay
Make-up: Yuui of Yuuivision
Guest Appearance: David Hernandez

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Sat, November 22 2014 Choga 9:00pm-11:00pm
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