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SWEATSHOP BOOGIE on Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2013

Sep30, 2013 Information

John Sully produced the tracks of our song ‘Sweatshop Boogie’
Performed by
John Sully(Guiter), Ruco Nishino(Vocal), Girschel Javakhishviili(Keyboard), Jessie Stead(Drums)
Jillian Siegel(Dance), Keiji Kubo(Dance), Seira Nakanishi(Dance), Fuji(Go Go Boy),
and Willard Morgan(Vocal/Rap)
with Uta Bekaia & Elexa Cangelosi doing magical makeup.

Fashion Booze Chips by Kristen Tipaldo

On the other end of the spectrum was Uta Bekaia’s “Sweatshop Boogie.”
“… you really have to see it for your eyes. This show was outstandingly freakish… more about performance art. They’re anti-anorexic 16 year old models strolling down a catwalk. They want you to be outlandish and shocking, I’ve found my people.”
– Kristen Tipaldo

Village Voice

This weekend fashion week kept going a couple days longer in Williamsburg. Williamsburg Fashion Weekend presented their 13th show at Villain in Brooklyn 9/13/13 and 9/14/13.

Friday featured Gregory Apparel, Brittany Erb with a live performance from Kodacrome, DEVOWEVO with live music by DANKE//SWORD, Mark Tauriello, Nathalie Kraynina + Kaci Head, and Uta Bekaia with a live performance of Ideal Orkestra fully adorned in his wears. The show continued Saturday with Geary Marcello, SDN by Marcus Hicks with a live performance by Courtship Ritual, IQ TEST Melissa Lockwood, Shute Organic, and ShocKVintage.

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