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Sep1, 2013 Gig


Williamsburg Fashion Week 2013 FW
Friday Sept 13, 2013 Door Open 8PM
at Villain 50 N. 3rd St. Brooklyn
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SWEATSHOP BOOGIE is a live performance featuring a brand-spankin’ new tune by IDEAL ORKESTRA satirizing sweatshop labor in the global fashion industry.

Designer UTA BEKAIA‘S bold fall art-wear line takes hand-made, make-shifted, and recycled fashion to another dimension in these retro-futuristic get-ups designed exclusively for this one time only glam-funk runway performance by IDEAL ORKESTRA & the crew of art bandits at IDEAL GLASS… everybody’s favorite NYC interdisciplinary media studio!

Photo by Ayakamay / Art work by AYAKAMAYPLUS / Fashion by Uta Bekaia

Sweatshop Boogie

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